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5 Easy Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage Relationship – Part II

With our busy lives now-a-days sometimes it’s hard to connect with our spouses. Here are a few fun ways to keep the passion alive in your relationship.

1. Great Relationships Engage in Activities Together:

This is a great way to learn new things about your spouse and it works well for partners who have been together many years as well as partners in new relationships. Take time to do activities that interest the both of you on a weekly basis. This may mean cooking together, taking a dancing class, working out, playing a sport or traveling together. Try and find something your partner doesn’t completely hate.

2. In a Relationship? Then Listen!

“Listen” is such a simple word and yet we find it so hard to do. The next time your partner is speaking try listening to him/her with your full attention. Don’t engage in any other activity, don’t think of how you should be responding, don’t try and fix anything or give advice – however well meaning. Just… listen to what they are saying and try and understand how they feel. Simply offer compassion and empathy.

3. Relationships Need Touch

Kiss, cuddle or touch your partner affectionately for at least 30 seconds each day. This kind of touch releases oxytocin (the love hormone) and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

4. Keep the Romance Alive In Your Relationship

Throw in some romance! Whether it’s an old relationship or a new one, romance keeps the fires burning. Plan a quick getaway, plan a secret date night, leave each other surprise notes, little thoughtful gifts or flowers, anything that reminds them why they married you!

5. In Your Relationship Connect Even When In Conflict

Mostly we live by the notion that when in conflict we should draw away. In healthy marriages couples try and maintain a sense of connection even when they are angry with each other. While having a difficult conversation sit on your partner’s lap and talk, kiss each other to break the tension. Ask yourself if the reason you are upset is worth creating so much distance between you and your partner. You can be angry with your partner and not make the experience an isolating one.

In Summary

I encourage you, don’t settle for an okay marriage, or a relationship that is falling apart. Use some of these tips and put in the work everyday even in the smallest of ways and notice the change that your actions and intent can bring about. Have a great relationship because you created it!

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