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Meet Anu Bhagwat

Anu comes with a rich experience in psychotherapy both in India and abroad. She has been a life coach and the psychotherapist for a number of people, helping them find hope and re-discover their smile!

She is currently based in Pune, India and holds a Master’s in Applied Psychology specializing in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Alongside numerous other psychotherapy techniques she uses Art therapy extensively and has a specialization in EMDR- a trauma therapy.


  • “I found the sessions with Anu amazing…She is a good listener, helps analyze things in a constructive manner, and works hard… I was able to view and analyze myself in different ways. I found her approach to be insightful, intuitive and focused, which is what I need.

    This has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to cope with life’s difficulties. I feel that I get more enjoyment out of my day to day living, and I’m starting to feel happier about my daily life instead of anxiously awaiting/ expecting a negative future.”

  • “I was in a very abusive relationship where my confidence and self-image was eroded…In a loving and compassionate manner Anu has taught me to identify and  change destructive patterns and replace them with positive, healthy, self-affirming ones…As a result, my relationships have improved and my career continues to blossom. I am finally learning what it means to be truly happy, healthy and whole — mind, body and spirit.

    I totally attribute my growth to working with Anu. Her talent lies in her ability to assist you with identifying (and sometimes just acknowledging) the source of your pain or whatever it is that may be holding you back. More importantly, she accompanies you on the path of self-healing, and provides the tools necessary to complete the journey.”

  • “Anu is a mature, flexible and aware therapist. She listened deeply to me and probed sensitively into insights I shared with her, or challenges that came up for me in our work together…She moved at the pace that was comfortable for me.

    She helped me navigate some challenges and taught me to recognize my resistance and the habits that blocked me…Over time in our work together I felt safe with Anu. Her guidance helped me nurture a new and clearer way of seeing these blocks. She guided me with actual tools I could use to be comfortable with my resistances and to see a way through them”