At Yellow Brick Counseling we believe counselling and psychotherapy should be available and inclusive of all ages and genders. To realize this vision we offer counselling services to individuals, couples, families, the aged and to adolescents. Counselling and psychotherapy for such a vast clientele covers a large range of challenges and developmental stages that are familiar to each one of us as we all walk through these phases in life. Talking to a counselling psychotherapist could help you untangle the thoughts in your head possibly ease your passage and make you feel good.


Good individual, person-centered counselling is based on an individual’s personal needs and goals. It depends on what area of their life a person would like to work on, some people suffer from anxiety and would like help managing that, others struggle with depression or relationship issues. Whatever it is that you are struggling with please know that counselling and psychotherapy can provide you with the best variety of tools and tips that can help in difficult situations. Sometimes a simple change in perspective can make all the difference between a good day and a bad. We encourage you to allow yourself the chance at many more good days.

Please visit the What We Treat section for a more extensive list of challenges that we can help you manage. Counselling and psychotherapy is tailor-made especially for each person – for more detailed information check out our Approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy and the About Anu Bhagwat section. 

We are here to support and extend our mental health services to anyone that would like to see a sustainable change in their lives.








Relationship dynamics are incredibly fascinating and more often than not, vastly complex. Whatever the dynamic, two people can make it work if they try their best and are committed to each other and finding a way to manage their issues. Each person that is part of a relationship is uniquely different, possessing a variety of strengths and challenges, often times originating from different cultures, upbringings and religions, so when it comes to things that shape us, what affects one person deeply, maybe a breeze for the other. 

Relationship counselling helps you grow in awareness and understanding of your-self and the dynamic created by you and your partner. It shows the best way forward especially if you feel trapped in the same cycles and if you find yourself in situations and circumstances that tend to get the better of you. 

Find hope and a unique way forward for each couple. Learn new ways to work together and good, healthy ways to resolve conflict and process past resentments. Come learn to love each other well.










Adolescents are going through a major life change, biologically and psychologically. Life is a struggle because teenagers are constantly engulfed by a number of messages from the world and the society they live in – some good, some bad. Each message is telling them a different thing. This causes a lot of confusion and uncertainty inside them and in their everyday lives. Adolescents spend a lot of time figuring what messages to listen to and which ones to ignore; they are looking for acceptance and belonging, always seeking to find out who they are and the kind of person they want to become. 

Counselling and psychotherapy will help them explore these issues and many more. It can help teenagers understand their significance and place in the world. It can help them grow in awareness of who they are, what they like, understand healthy boundaries, find good friends that are safe people and teach adolescents to nurture and love themselves well. All these things contribute towards teenagers developing a strong healthy sense of self and becoming resilient adults.









Families have complex dynamics and a number of subsystems. Subsystems are relationship units in a family like marital, parental or sibling units. Each of these units within a family have their own dynamic of functioning.

Very often there are rifts in these subsystems and this can cause a lot of familial discord. Counselling and psychotherapy provide a safe space to examine the more subtle dynamics and patterns of behavior within a family. Families learn to identify and become aware of the way each individual interacts with the other and how this affects the family as a whole. Families can learn good, healthy ways of interacting with one another and replace unhealthy patterns with behavior that nurtures relationships. They are encouraged to set healthy boundaries and examine difficult thoughts and feelings openly. They are taught good skills to build each other up and find healthy ways of communicating their needs to one another. 

Family counselling gives each individual in the family a safe place to be heard and the space and opportunity to grow.









The elderly are an important part of society. They hold the best wisdom and experience of many generations. Change is an inevitable part of our lives, for the elderly there maybe times when there are too many things changing and not enough support to help them feel like they are still in control. 

Counselling and psychotherapy for the elderly involves helping them come to terms with the many things changing around them and inside them – the way their bodies and minds maybe failing them, dealing with the loss of a loved one or the pressure of having to care for a sick partner and a host of other challenges. 

At Yellow Brick Counseling we offer support and teach the skills necessary to manage the difficult parts of life and ensure one starts to wake up feeling good, steadily in control and hopeful.









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