Yellow Brick Counseling has been conducting online sessions for many years now to work with international clients. Recently more sessions have gone online as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. At Yellow Brick Counseling we would like everyone, everywhere to have access to mental health, psychological well-being and counselling services regardless of their location and situation. These sessions allow you the opportunity to remain in contact with your counsellor and continue treatment despite the distance and being unable to meet. Online counselling is an option you can bank on for the days you are pressed for time or for the days you feel a little sick, when a commute seems like too much, when you just don’t have the time or when Covid-19 has other plans!

If you feel like you need the support and have not already booked a session, please go ahead and connect with a counsellor to get the support you need.


You’ll need either a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection, camera and microphone (these are built into most modern devices). Headphones can also help with audio quality. We also encourage you to find a private room at home so you can speak freely and won’t be interrupted. A bedroom with a door you can close works well, but you can even sit in your car if that feels more private! Please ensure your phone or computer is fully charged and has adequate internet speed.


According to the research on the effectiveness of online counselling, it was found that online counselling can be just as effective as face to face counselling. The factor of utmost importance is the counsellor’s compassion, empathy, non-judgemental attitude, expertise and skill that makes all the difference in the quality of counselling, not whether sessions are online or in-person. If you choose online counselling there are techniques that can be adapted so that they work better for online counselling.

At Yellow Brick Counseling we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of psychological care.

What if I’m not sure online counselling is right for me?

We understand that the idea of online counselling can be daunting especially if you have not been to counselling before. Your counsellor will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about online counselling to put your mind at ease. You may want to try session or two and see how you feel before writing it off completely. It is always better to have some support than no support. We guarantee at the end of your sessions you will feel helped and have hope.

How long are online counselling sessions?

Online counselling sessions are the same length as regular sessions. Session times may vary as per client and what you are trying to process, so check with your counsellor how long sessions will be for you. Allow for a few minutes before a session to touch base with yourself and maybe a few minutes after the session to gather yourself and make a few notes that can help you through the week.