Miscommunication In Relationships | 3 Easy Preventive Tricks

All of us are surrounded with relationships that fill our lives, relationships with our children, parents, lovers, spouses and people we brush past in the world around us. One of the areas that are easily overrun with miscommunication in relationships are people’s marriages.

Do you experience miscommunication in your marriage? Here are some things you can understand and do to ensure clearer communication.

1. Different Dictionaries Cause Miscommunication

Men and women have different dictionaries. The words used by men and women use to express different things vary more than we can imagine or would even think possible. This creates a gap in understanding each other. Generally, we are not mindful of this during our everyday lives. We walk around being hurt by something our spouse said, simply because in their mind it meant something and in our mind, the translation of what was said is completely off the mark.

Make a marriage dictionary, spend time with your partner clarifying simple things like what she means by “just a minute,” “we have not spent any time together” “do what you want” or what he means when he says “that’s nice,” or “leave me alone.” Spending time on clarifying things will make a huge difference and avoid a lot of miscommunication in relationships.

2. Ensure Spouses Full Attention To Reduce Miscommunication

When sharing important information try not to shout it across the house, or be dismissive when a partner is sharing information about their day, an event or something to do. Be near each other, make eye contact and even include a gentle touch like a squeeze of the hand before saying what needs to be said, this will ensure that your partner is actually hearing you.


3. Summarize To Prevent Miscommunication

After saying what you need to say, out of curiosity ask your partner what they have understood. In other words, ask them to summarize what they heard. This will give you an insight into your partner’s mind. It will help you understand what your partner understood and what still needs clarification. What they say might surprise you!

In Conclusion

Some communication problems are not as easily solved and might need a third party to help break things down. For further tips to run away from miscommunication in relationships, improve that feeling of being heard and understood by your partner, enrich or save a marriage contact Yellow Brick Counseling.

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