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5 Love Languages – Discover Your Love Language

How can we love each other well? How do we know the best way to connect with our spouse? Do you think you have been showing your partner love but your partner says they don’t feel loved or connected? Why is this happening? One reason maybe because you don’t understand your partners love language… and your partner doesn’t understand yours.

What is a Love Language?

A love language is the way we understand love and very often how we give and show love. It’s interesting because many times we think we are showing our partners love but somehow they don’t seem to understand it as love. This is because maybe we are
not showing them love in the way they understand – in their love language. It’s possible we are showing love in the way we want to be shown love or in the way
we understand love.

The Five Love Languages

1. Touch:

Some people like being touched more than others. The love language of touch is not
necessarily limited to the bedroom. Touch that shows love and affection is also
non-sexual like a gentle kiss or a cuddle, holding hands, the resting of your leg against your partners’. Touch shows belonging.

It says, “You are mine and I love you.

2. Quality Time:

There are people for whom the most important thing to feel loved is to have the undivided attention of their partner. This means no phones, no chores, no to do list. Just be with the person. Play a game, chat, go out together. You are showing the other that they are the most important thing to you at that time.

It says, “You are most important to me.

3. Acts of Service:

You come home from work to a sink full of dishes. That is not pleasant is it?
Imagine if your significant other washed all the dishes before you got home or
tidied up for you on a day you were too tired. To some this is the most important expression of love. An act of service when they need it the most. And even when they don’t!

It says, “I love you enough to wash dishes even though I don’t like doing the dishes.”

4. Gifts:

There are those of us that like gifts and to us that shows love in the deepest way. It is not a materialistic point of view here. The right gift shows a partners’ effort. It shows how well a partner may know the other. It shows thought and time was put into choosing the right gift.

It says “I thought about you and I know you so well.”

5. Words of Appreciation:

Words have so much power, what we say what we don’t say impacts people. Words shape and form relationships. Some people thrive with verbal praise and appreciation
– I love you, I miss you, you mean the world to me, I love it when you help around the house.

It says, “I love you enough to tell you what you mean to me.”


Each one of us is different and would like to receive love in different ways. Let us respect that and show our partners we love them in the way that means the most to them. Maybe when your partner spends quality time with you, you feel most loved and important. For some it could be acts of service. For another it maybe words of appreciation. Find out what your love language is today so you can love well and be loved well.

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