Do I Need Counselling Or Psychotherapy?

The General Perception Of Counselling Or Psychotherapy

Counselling or psychotherapy has been stigmatized for many years. We are lucky to be entering an age where this is no longer true. Let us all be part of a culture that promotes healing and hope, where there is no shame in reaching out for professional help. This means supporting and encouraging those that want to seek help. It means understanding when you yourself would benefit from counselling or psychotherapy. 

Indicators Someone Might Need Counselling Or Psychotherapy

There are a number of signs that indicate a cry for help. Sometimes we may catch on and sometimes these signs slip through the cracks. Listed below are a couple of indicators that help a person identify some one who is struggling and in need of counselling or psychotherapy. Check them out and help save a life today!

  1. Have you tried the same approach time after time or have attempted different approaches to a problem and end up feeling feel stuck and trapped in a vicious cycle?
  2. Is the struggle inside you becoming increasingly difficult to manage? Has it started being externalized to relationships around you?
  3. Are there sudden changes in regular eating/ sleeping cycles?
  4. Do you feel overworked, stressed, irritable, exhausted and disinterested in life and activities you previously enjoyed?
  5. Does everything feel heightened? Your psychological distress maybe characterized by swiftly changing moods, irritability, excessive crying, intense sadness, too much anger, constant anxiety, hopelessness etc.
  6. Are you using alcohol, drugs, a person or pornography as a means to cope or to make you feel better and escape from your problems?
  7. Do you relive or have intrusions from a traumatic event despite all attempts to try and overcome what happened?

In Conclusion

Reading these indicators may have been confronting for you, however if you find that they resonate with you, know that you don’t have to struggle alone.  Reach out, there is a safe place available to help you make sense of what is going on inside. This maybe the gentle nudge you need to pursue counselling or psychotherapy. It’s possible seeing a counsellor may change your life.


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