Common Myths About Counselling And Psychotherapy


Common Myths About Counselling And Psychotherapy​

I am surprised that even in the 21st century there are so many misconceptions about counselling and psychotherapy. We should do all we can to eradicate the common myths about counselling and psychotherapy around us. No one should ever be ashamed if they would like to seek help from a mental health professional. Read on and find below some of the beliefs that keep us trapped and unable to reach out for help and support even though we need it so much. 

1.What can a counsellor/psychologist/psychotherapist give me that friends or family members cannot provide?

A counselling psychotherapist will definitely provide a neutral and objective perspective to any situation. A trained counsellor/psychotherapist helps navigate complicated problems skillfully and intervenes with psycho-education in the necessary areas. This may be information friends or a family member could not supply as they do not perceive the problem as a therapist would. In addition, a counselling psychotherapist gives you the opportunity to learn techniques and build internal resources that help people feel empowered. 

2. Counselling and psychotherapy is for crazy people. 

Counselling and psychotherapy is for people that would like clarity of thought and emotion. Having a safe space to share one’s deepest thoughts and feelings is a luxury everyone should have. Psychotherapy is for people interested and dedicated to self-growth.

3. Counselling and psychotherapy/mental health is too much of an unnecessary expense.                                      

When our bodies are sick we don’t just sit around waiting for healing to come. We seek out doctors and medication. Why compromise on your mental health then? If a chat with a counselling psychotherapist can make it better…then have a chat!

4. If I try hard enough and try and stay positive enough I can overcome this by myself.

In some situations, this may be true, but if you have tried this method for years and have not succeeded then maybe it’s time to try something else to get a different result. Try talking to a counsellor or psychotherapist. People who have the courage to come to counselling are incredibly brave as they are willing to look at themselves in total honesty and do not have to carry their burdens alone. Being heard helps one heal. There is no shame in this!

5. If I ignore it, it will go away. 

Ignoring a problem never solved anything. It only makes the problem bigger as new information is added. Inner conflict has a way of catching up and popping up in places where one does not want it. This is an indication of unresolved issues. With age, these issues snowball, so the quicker they are addressed with counselling and psychotherapy the sooner they can be resolved and the less control it has over a person.

These are some of the common myths about counselling and psychotherapy. Don’t believe the lies! Counselling and psychotherapy is a great way to pour healing into your life and overcome mental health challenges that have followed you for years. Give a few sessions a shot and you will see the wonder of the way counselling can transform your life. 

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