Person-Centered Counselling – A Promising Approach

What is person-centered counselling?

With counselling and psychotherapy there is no sure-shot, one-way-is-the-right-way approach that can be taken. Counselling for any client revolves around specific attributes related to that client, for example the issue at hand, the readiness for change, how receptive a client is, their rate of growth, the degree to which they feel safe as well as their personality traits, specific life experiences and general outlook to life. Alongside these variables it is helpful if one views counselling and psychotherapy as an adventure and journey where one is continually achieving little and long term goals, ever growing and steadily moving forward. So what approach makes counselling and psychotherapy effective for my clients? Lets look at a few pointers.

1. My Attitude As a Counsellor Is Person-Centered

Keeping in mind the principles of person-centered counselling, it’s interesting to figure out the best approach that will work for each client individually. Some clients do really well with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and make huge leaps, others get caught in the web of their thoughts and thrive better when they use Art Therapy. Some clients relate with imagery exercises or Gestalt techniques like the Empty Chair, while others prefer more tangible methods to grapple with what they are trying to understand. Each client is different, responding to different techniques in different ways. At Yellow Brick Counseling we try our best to approach each client with understanding, expertise and tailor counselling and psychotherapy to what suits them best. This is the essence of person-centered counselling!


2. My Attitude Towards Clients Is Person-Centered

As a counsellor, I am warm, approachable, non-judgmental and compassionate towards my clients. I believe in person-centered counselling and psychotherapy, which means that therapy is tailored and customized to the needs and personalities of my clients. I walk alongside my clients at the pace they set for me. I use a lot of creative techniques that keep counselling non-threatening, whilst deepening the process and continuing to explore painful things in ways that are comfortable and gentle. 

I work with my clients helping them achieve the goals they would like to accomplish, grow in love for themselves and establish a good relationship within and as a result make meaningful connections with people around them. I teach my clients how to navigate the uncertainties of life building resilience, providing support, warmth and the expertise necessary to deal with various complexities. 

Clients will not be instructed and told what to do, instead each client will be equipped with the inner strength and courage to make choices and take steps that fall in line with their personal goals. As a counsellor and psychotherapist I help clients’ identify and understand patterns of behaviour and blind spots that keep them trapped in viscous cycles. This new understanding empowers them to change the things that make them unhappy thus helping them feel in control and as a result lead fulfilling lives.


3. My Mantra Is Person-Centered

Personally, I love watching people overcome their struggles, work on themselves and come out stronger. To me this process is incredibly beautiful and moves me deeply. The work I do with my clients is based on a deep belief that everyone can heal, change and grow therefore I strive towards planting HOPE and a deep assurance in the hearts and minds of my clients’ that no matter how stuck they feel, no matter how overwhelmed or lost, no matter how dark the night – there is always a way!



“Everything is figureoutable!”




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