2 Simple Ways To Manage If You Are Lonely

Loneliness is a heavy word. Are you lonely in the world today? Loneliness is a growing state of existence as science and technology has crept into our mornings, nights and what used to be quieter more reflective moments or moments of connection with loved ones.

What causes one to feel lonely?

Many a time loneliness creeps in gradually and we find ourselves isolated from people around us. Loneliness is sometimes a by-product of a situation in our lives for instance, a loved love dying. It could also be a symptom of a deeper issue like depression. Sometimes, it is a result of pushing people away because we are afraid to be hurt again and again.  Also, It has been found that low self-esteem is also a major contributor to loneliness which could lead to isolation and chronic loneliness as a result.

What can be done to feel less lonely?

1. Cultivate meaningful relationships

We all need intimate connections and bonds, people to call our own, to be able to support and be supported, to feel safe to confide in someone, to be loved and experience a sense of belonging. Perhaps strong relationships are the secret to happiness. It is not the quantity of relationships one has, it’s the quality.

2. Acknowledge that loneliness maybe a symptom of a deeper issue

Loneliness may be a symptom of a deeper hurt or emptiness from our childhoods and upbringing. It could even be genetic. If you have been struggling with chronic loneliness reach out and contact a mental health professional. This may sound like a lot but if your loneliness is the symptom of something deeper at least it will have a chance to be identified and managed in a gentle way that makes you feel helped.

Are you lonely? If this resonates with you, know you are not alone.

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